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The Slackers - The Cactus Blossoms feat. Jenny Lewis - Tom Jenkins - Colatura

The Slackers - Hanging On. New York City reggae legends The Slackers have released “Hanging On,” the second single from the band’s upcoming record “Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya” which comes out April 15th. This record, their first in 7 years and 15th full-length in their career, is now available on Pirates Press Records’ web store. “Hanging On” is a mantra that almost every band, including The Slackers, have had to deal with during the pandemic. “Being in NYC in March of 2020 was an experience I wouldn’t wish upon my enemies. People talk about how great it was to get off the road or spend extra time with their family, but I was already tight with my family. We rallied and my apartment became a law office, a college classroom, a recording studio, a mail-order merch warehouse, and a high school classroom. We did what we had to do to keep going,” said saxophonist Dave Hillyard. The process for bringing this album to life was, by all accounts, one that was met with twists and turns that

Faeya - Madi Colville-Walker - Colin Lillie Ft Catherine Britt - The Cactus Blossoms Ft Jenny Lewis - Picastro

Faeya - Brave Obsession. Vulnerable and raw, riveting and real, multi-talented Canadian folk singer/songwriter Faeya explores resilience and perseverance with the release of her new single, “Brave Obsession." As one-third of her most recent EP release, The Blue Period: Volume 1, the Toronto-based indie artist lays it all bare on “Brave Obsession”’s melody, donning a courageous face as she boldly goes where so few have the resolve to venture: the inner workings of one’s heart. “I wrote this on my acoustic guitar, inspired by the feeling of hopeless dependency of a young infatuation,” Faeya explains. “This song flowered into its folk-inspired sound over several late- summer days at Dream House Studios in Toronto.” From there, it was between her, recording engineer, Calvin Hartwick, and instrumentalist, Sean Royle, that “Brave Obsession” grew to the sounds and textures we hear on the final cut. “I had been listening to a lot of music by great folk artists like Joni Mitchell and Nick

Team Me - Christopher Paul Stelling - Selkama - Sideline - The Lone Bellow - Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite, Artists for Peace and Justice - Lunaires

Team Me were featured a couple of times last year and the new song 'Into The Wild' is a refreshing indie track where the eight member band are found in a more sensitive mode. === Christopher Paul Stelling shares a beautiful video for 'Lucky Stars' a sumptuous and melodic singer-songwriter piece. === From Selkama we have 'Exit Signs' where feisty drums and more dreamy vocals make for an engaging track glued together with some fine guitar moments. === Bluegrass has been growing on me over the last two or three years and the new album from Sideline entitled 'Breaks to the Edge' has upped my appreciation even further, needless to say fans of this genre should love this. === The Lone Bellow have a distinct and very engaging sound as is born out by the anthem orientated 'Good Times' and the production is notably refined. === I have been a fan of Jenny Lewis's music since the day's of Rilo Kiley so the new track from Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite

Jenny Lewis - Live In Orlando 2009

As mentioned in The Watson Twins feature, the pathway that led Beehive Candy to the twins was through Rilo Kiley and their lead singer Jenny Lewis . It's notable that performing as a solo artist Jenny has an alt country feel that is quite different to the music of Rilo Kiley, and demonstrates another dimension to her musical talent. Occasionally we feature audienced sourced material here, provided the audio quality is very clean and does the artist and the concert justice, which is the case with this recording. Recorded live at the Plaza Theater, Orlando, USA, last year on the 29th June this is a really good concert from Jenny Lewis. Source: Audience Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Indie Rock, Alt Country. Set: Full Concert. Set List: 01 Silver Lining 02 See Fernando 03 The Charging Sky 04 You Are What You Love 05 Pretty Bird 06 Carpetbaggers 07 Jack Killed Mom 08 Black Sand 09 Godspeed 10 Happy 11 Rise Up with Fists 12 Just