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Talkboy - Matthew Paul Butler - Sunset Sons - Mush

Talkboy make their sixth Beehive Candy appearance with 'Hollow Spheres' and once again the Leeds sextet impress, this time with an emotive indie rocker. === Matthew Paul Butler shares 'Mockingbird' a highly impassioned new folk song that is majestic, powerful and quite intoxicating. === Sunset Sons have released a lyric video for 'Superman' which is a splendid rock anthem and precedes a UK and European tour and new album. === From Mush we have 'Eat The Etiquette' where the vocals are just plain out there, the music somewhere between indie rock and punk, with hooks flying in all directions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talkboy - Hollow Spheres. Shifting between epic moments of joyful indie pop, interspersed with emotional and engaging songwriting, Leeds sextet Talkboy demonstrate their glittering potential in debut EP Over & Under, set for release 1st November via Come Play With Me