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Skinny Lister - Triggers & Slips - Mary Anne's Solar Rig - Ocean Valley

BEEHIVE CANDY ARE TAKING A SHORT BREAK NOW - WE SHOULD BE BACK THIS COMING WEEKEND. In the meantime enjoy today's new round up!  ====================================================================== Skinny Lister - Embers. Before they hit the road this Autumn, Skinny Lister, are releasing a new video for “Embers.” The band who are touring the UK and Europe in support of their acclaimed fifth album ‘A Matter of Life & Love’, invite you to bask in one of its most heart-warming moments. A strident example of the Skinnies’ feel-good, shanty-folk at its very finest, “Embers” also embodies many of the core themes that course through their latest album. As Dan Heptinstall explains: “”Embers” is a song about friendship. The simple joy we feel in the warmth of good company. It also raises a glass, and enjoys a moment of reflection, to those friends we may have lost along the way. A celebration of the here and now but with a healthy dose of nostalgia.” Echoing the sentiments of the so