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Michaela Bekenn - AJ Rosales - Muca & La Marquise

Michaela Bekenn recently released 'The Earth Has Music' and thankfully it came our way this week. The Toronto based artist has a multitude of skills which include creating intimate, refined and beautifully arranged singer songwriter pieces, as this track amply demonstrates. ===== Chicago singer-songwriter AJ Rosales has shared 'If Not Today'. AJ has drawn a number of impressive comparisons and his music is hard to pin down into any one genre, more importantly though this is one powerful and irresistible song. ===== We are also just catching up on Muca & La Marquise who released 'October Blues' unsurprisingly at the end of October. The vocals are quite stunning as is the sumptuous bluesy musical backdrop, there's shades of Jeff Buckley but come on, surely nobody can complain about that. =================================================== Michaela Bekenn - The Earth Has Music. Michaela Bekenn is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary singer-songwriter, soun