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Grammar - Michigan. Background - “Michigan” is the second single from Massachusetts-based Grammar. Barrie Lindsay played and recorded all the parts in her bedroom studio in the summer of 2016. She started writing the song after rewatching the Virgin Suicides, and she was thinking about what the movie would sound and feel like as a song. She wanted to capture the movie’s saturated, dreamy, 1970s-inspired production. After she finished the song and took it to New York to work with the producer Billy Pavone, they ran the tracks. The track was produced written and recorded by Barrie Lindsay, produced by Billy Pavone (Wet, St. Lucia, Delorean) and Barrie Lindsay, and engineered by Josh Bonati (Mac Demarco, Sufjan Stevens)." Grammar is an alternative pop group created by multi-instrumentalist Barrie Lindsay of Boston in 2015. The band started as a home recording project of Lindsay, who writes, records, and produces the music.  The band’s first release, the single “Americana”, was fea