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Genre Wander: Jetty Rae - Lucy and the Rats - Lucidalabrador - Loose Buttons

Jetty Rae - Queen of the Universe. Background - Jetty Rae is a singer-songwriter based out of Northern Michigan. Jetty has been singing, touring, and recording for the since 2005. Her influences include Jennifer Knapp, Brandi Carlile, Cat Power, Ray Lamontagne, Lauryn Hill, Patty Griffin, and many more. If you’ve been to a Jetty Rae show you can agree to the fact that songwriting is her true forte, but how she marries her words to her voice and melodies is a thing to see.  She has power, and restraint in her voice—the ability to pull at your heart strings delicately. On the other hand she also possesses the power to awaken a passion, a fight in all of us when she really belts it. Her hopes are to eventually start a label for independent artists like herself—that will empower artists to start where they are. She is hoping to give them the tools, studio time, experience, and resources they need to succeed in making great art. Website here , and Facebook here . Jetty Rae has both a