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JYLDA - Josh Del - Todd Warner Moore - Charlie Hole - Portland

'Reeled' from JYLDA is dreamy, melodic and her vocals are alluring, add in the vibrant beats and the song is indeed extremely catchy. Josh Del is another artist where the vocals are a key ingredient, their natural Americana instinct coming to the fore on 'Rolling Stone' a timeless country piece. Todd Warner Moore has just released 'Love & Change' an album comprising of thirteen songs, where his musical talents explore a variety of genres, and with excellent production this is a fabulous collection of music. Charlie Hole latest song 'All The Roads To Heaven' is just beautiful, the singer/song writer brims with feeling and the melodic hooks do the rest. Expansive, atmospheric and dreamily seductive 'Expectations' by Portland is a mixture of emotion, calmness and power, now there's a combination. JYLDA - Reeled. JYLDA is Italian-German Gianna Gehlhar's musical alter ego. Now based in London after a stint in Berlin, she releases he