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Elrichman - New Fries

Elrichman has just shared his new single 'Seeking Grey Skies' and makes his second appearance here this year, the song itself quickly reminded me of his sophisticated and lovable modern pop. === We get to feature a third song from New Fries this year in the form of 'Lily' the final single from their forthcoming album 'Is The Idea Of Us', out on August 7th. Once again their unique and pleasingly original musical styling works wonders, the album is keenly awaited. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elrichman - Seeking Grey Skies. Elrichman – the project of Paul Erlichman – has shared his new single, 'Seeking Grey Skies' – this is the latest in a string of Aquarium Drunkard and Line of Best Fit-supported singles to be lifted from his new album Heaven's Mayor which is out September 4 on Madrid-based label, Bobo Integral. The new album follows 2014's Young, Healthy and Wonderful as well

Andy Cook - Jenny Reynolds - Sandtimer - Jess Knight - Sun Cutter - Cold Beaches - New Fries

Andy Cook new album 'I'll Be Fine' is streaming in full below. This is a highly original album, musically it sits somewhere between indie and alt rock but drifts beyond there, the production is stunning and the musicianship on a par, Andy's vocals add even more distinction and character, this is class to say the very least. === We have another album in full below, this time from Jenny Reynolds and her new collection entitled 'Any Kind Of Angel', where the singer songwriter delivers some beautifully refined Folk and Americana songs. The storytelling lyrics are notable and the genuine nature of the album enticing. === We featured Sandtimer a couple of times last year and they return with 'Different Seas' which is a reinterpretation of an old song of theirs and it's absolutely stunning (why say more). === Having already shared two songs from her new album we now have the full collection as Jess Knight releases 'Best Kind Of Light'. Mixing bl

Running Red Lights - Crush - Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood - Walt Disco - New Fries - Swim the Current

Running Red Lights have today shared a video for the song 'Flower In The Concrete' as the band release four singles before finally calling it a day, the first of which is a beautiful folk and soft rock combination. === Manchester band Crush have shared 'All My Plants Are Dead' and it's a rich mixture of melodic alt pop & rock. === Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood are a Chicago based Glam Punk outfit and taken from their new album 'Gigantosaur' we have the brand new video for 'Five Foot Heels' a song reminiscent of The Tubes in part, both musically and humour wise. === Walt Disco new track 'Cut Your Hair' is a vibrant, quirky, genre mash of rock styles and some fabulously out there vocals. === Toronto based New Fries have a new song entitled 'Ploce' where the experimental band have developed one addictive and rhythmic sound. === Swim the Current Featuring Greg Christie have just released 'Temperature Maps' where the swi