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The Black Watch - The Riptide Movement

The Black Watch have just released 'Mad' ahead of John Andrew Fredrick releasing his 17th full-length album 'Magic Johnson' as lead song-smith of the black watch. With a quick tempo and slick rock delivery, it's notable just how the fresh the piece feels, considering how much music has preceded the song.  Dublin's The Riptide Movement have just announced a London show at The Islington on Friday 4th October hot on the heels of their recent new song release 'I'll Be There'. The song is a vibrant indie rocker that's rather catchy to put it mildly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Black Watch - Magic Johnson. An avowed Anglophile, author, English professor and irrepressible Los Angeles based songwriter John Andrew Fredrick is about to release his 17th full-length as lead songsmith of the black watch. 'Magic Johnson' is released in the UK th