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Judson Claiborne - Hermitess - Keegan Powell

Judson Claiborne have just released 'The Trimmergrant' along with a video, the song itself is strangely addictive and highly original, bet you have to give it atleast a second listen. ===== Hermitess returns with a new four song E.P entitled 'Celestial'. We featured 'Followers' from her last E.P back in June and this new collection is most welcome from this very talented artist. ===== Keegan Powell latest song 'Rock N Roll Kind Of Night' has already recieved considerable attention, that's not overly surprising as he delivers a timeless rocker with some melodic psych vibes. =================================================== Judson Claiborne - The Trimmergrant. Judson Claiborne, the Chicago-based project and a moniker for ex-Low Skies frontman, Christopher Salveter has this week shared his new single, "The Trimmergrant" via La Société Expéditionnaire (Strand of Oaks, Daniel Knox). "The Trimmergrant"t' is a track that exposes

Hermitess - Mark Lofgren - Wyatt C. Louis - Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards

Hermitess has just shared 'Followers' along with a video. We have to go back to 2017 since we last crossed paths, however the new song is exquisite and a good reintroduction to the very talented musician Jennifer Crighton. === Mark Lofgren has released a new album 'Black Moon Book' which is streaming in full below, along with a video for one of the tracks 'You Are Just Not Alone' which makes for a good feel for this bedroom pop (and more) collection. === Wyatt C. Louis just released 'Dancing With Sue' and it's a beautifully flowing Americana song where soulful vibes and refined musicianship rub shoulders. === Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards were featured last month and they are back with another new song 'Typhoon' and again their mixture of roots and folk music is wonderfully crafted and just plain beautiful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hermitess - Followers. Herm

Hermitess - The Charlatans - Pattern Language

Hermitess - Blood Moon. Background from Hermitess - I’ve just released a video for “Blood Moon”, taken from my upcoming self-titled full length. I’ve been making a series of artworks alongside the musical compositions: photographs and almost-still videos set against remote landscapes. Each of these settings depict Hermitess as a central figure in a settings that evoke the songs. The Blood Moon video was shot by my friend Tatiana Losev who helped direct the simple performance that the video depicts. The final product is meant to express a feeling: something repetitive, hypnotic, and a tad sinister. As the name implies, this album came about at a remove from modern life. While isolated in a cabin in northern Michigan, I began to conceive of this character (Hermitess) and a set of songs that would feel at home in the wintry knee-deep snow drifts and creaking trees. Website here , Facebook here . 'Blood Moon' is one of nine tracks on the new album. This is an imaginative c