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Elvis Presley - Greensboro - 1972

This is Elvis Presley Live at Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, on the 14th April 1972. I am not an Elvis aficionado, probably not even up to amateur standard, by any Elvis Presley fans measurement criteria. I do not impersonate him though, surely this gets me some street credibility back ? I tried to get some background on this concert and failed miserably. I know Elvis toured in 1972, he sold out Madison Square Gardens for four consecutive nights, and a video of him touring won a Golden Globe for best documentary that year. What is curious for me, is that the very limited notes that accompanied this concert say it was his first performance of 'Burning Love' on stage. This was released in 1972 and was his last top ten hit in the U.S. single charts, so from that perspective there is a little bit of Elvis history here. Oh well onto the main reason I am posting this, easy one as usual, not being a major Elvis fan, I swallowed the hype, and decided to give it a play, next thing I k