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The Apples In Stereo - 40 Watt Club, 2006 (Internet Archive)

From the Internet Archive this is  The Apples In Stereo Live at 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA on the 12th August 2006. Legend holds that the legendary 40 Watt Club, was so named because in the early days the venue was lit by precisely one 40-watt light bulb. That’s not quite true, but it’s a good story, and in rock and roll mythology, the truth is always trumped by a good story. Made famous by the booming Athens indie scene of the 1980s, the 40 Watt Club wasn’t initially a commercial enterprise at all. Like so many things in Athens during that era, the venue was a DIY endeavor from the get-go – a small rehearsal space and unofficial party spot operated by local scenester Curtis Crowe. The small studio was, at one point, lit by a single light bulb. But by the time it became a regular venue for Athens bands, the electrical situation had improved. The Apples in Stereo are an American psychedelic pop and indie rock band associated with Elephant Six Collective, a group of bands also in