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Liam Duncan - Janice Prix - Those Who Ride With Giants

Liam Duncan has released his new album 'If I Don't Feel Better' from which we have chosen 'Broken Hearted' to share. The theme for the album is based around a relationship ending, in this case Liam's personal experience, and what is impressive is the maturity regarding this, it's not a "poor me" outpouring of angst, rather an honest appraisal of a sensitive subject. 'Glitch' from Janice Prix might be based on a heavy and hardly uplifting subject, yet is a superb alt rocker, one that takes a challenging story line and turns it into something of an anthem, perhaps this is another definition for the term - juxtaposition.  Those Who Ride With Giants (aka MJ Callaghan) has just released 'The Walk of Thunder' an atmospheric alt rock instrumental that genuinely sounds like a full band performing, so much so that a genuine live ensemble is being assembled to take this music on tour. ---------------------------------------------------