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Tough On Fridays - Rosie Thomas - Sylvia Pollard - Melby

Tough On Fridays - Daisy. Tough On Fridays have announced their new album The Encore You Didn't Ask For will be out on November 4 and is available for pre-order now via Archangel Records. The Encore You Didn't Ask For is the second full length album from the band, with A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time being their first full length album that was released during the height of the pandemic. The first album was the sound of a band just starting to explore who they could be, The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, is the sound of a band sure in the knowledge of where they want to go and what they deserve for all the hard work to date.  Alongside the usual learning curves and sonic development, they have navigated around all the usual obstacles that get thrown in the path of rising bands, from lineup changes to finding management and representation, to the general cut and thrust of getting noticed in the busy, shark-infested waters that are the music business. But Tough On Fridays is a ban