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Quality Not Quantity: Nelipot - Lánre - Hanna Bech - Duke Chevalier

Nelipot - Coming Coast. Background promo - Nelipot are a youthful trio of bare-foot, music enthusiasts from the Central Coast, New South Wales. Brought together on the beach side streets of Terrigal, the lads joined and began busking, to feed their need for grooves and to make some extra cash to supply themselves with kebabs and money for fuel. Crafting and developing a unique blend of blues and alternate rock compositions, with funk and soul stylings, Nelipot produces distinctive as well as captivating pieces. This year, 2016, the boys have set their sights high and are aiming to increase their following enough to tour interstate, spreading positive vibes and their unforgettable grooves as far as they can possibly take them. Already, they’ve been privileged enough to support and share the stage with exploding national acts, such as: Kingswood, Tired Lion, Bootleg Rascal, Ocean Alley, and many more emerging artists. Yet Jordan, Benny, and Jordyn aim to make 2016 the year of headli