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Tara Van der Kolk - Chris Williams and Kid Reverie

Tara Van der Kolk - Back In Love. Tara Van der Kolk has released the second single from her upcoming album, Rise (due April 2023), the hopeful reflection on self-love that is “Back In Love.” Composed after a brutal breakup, “Back In Love” is a “self-soothing anthem” in Van der Kolk’s words, an ode to the hopeful nature of rooting oneself once again. The melodic, acoustic pop song layers Tara’s harmonies and empowering lyrics to create a peaceful, sonic cocoon. “Back In Love” reflects on the challenges of being ‘too much’ and the recognition that for oneself and for the right people, one can never be considered ‘too much’ of anything. ====================================================================== Chris Williams and Kid Reverie - Warning Bell. “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I’m still gonna care even if you won’t,” sings Kid Reverie in the opening line of the new Chris Williams and Kid Reverie single, “Warning Bell.” An acoustic guitar-driven groove, highlighted by swirling