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Twin Rains - HotKid

Twin Rains - The Garden. Gardens are rich in symbolism: they can represent fertility and abundance, but also entropy and decay. With our new single, I wanted to write about this twofold nature—the cyclical pattern found in all of existence—from the perspective of human relationships. Kaleidoscopic, lush and dreamy, this song is a reverie, a daydream. It is a story about the bittersweet nature of love and beauty, and how I can't seem to experience either without an awareness of their inevitable breakdown. But the mood of "The Garden" isn't sad, it celebrates this mystery. We travelled to the Château de Villandry in France's Loire Valley to shoot the song's video several years back. We had only a day to shoot after scoring a flight deal to Paris but each of the pieces fell into place when the Chateau granted us permission after telling us they loved the music and our videographer, Fred Yurichuk, was able to book a last minute flight. "The Garden" was

Souvenir Driver - HotKid - Peaking Lights - San Mei - Mount Song

Souvenir Driver - Voices Of A Traveler. Background - Portland-based shoegaze band Souvenir Driver new self-titled LP is out today, April 14th via High School Records. The upcoming album was recorded by Tommy Dietrick (David J, Drinking Flowers) in an isolated cabin (a-la-Bon-Iver) on Mt. Hood in Oregon, the 8-track release showcases the four-piece band’s genre-bending sound that blends indie, psychedelic, dream pop, rock and shoegaze.  The record was mixed and overdubbed at Trench Studios with Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, Dandy Warhols, Sheryl Crow) and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk (Grouper, Dead Moon, Crocodiles). This new album will be the band’s fourth release and was written during a four month tour hiatus. The band took their cues from a Lou Reed quote and created this new body of work with minimal chords, while putting their focus on the melodies and moods. Themes range from human vulnerability to relationships to nature to… turtles. Yes, turtles - because of their