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Selci - Violent Vickie - KAELI - In The Pines - KAVYA

Photo - Annabeth Trondsen Selci - Ghost. Calgary-based art-pop artist Selci released their latest single “Ghost,” mixed by Sylvia Massy, with a stunning visual accompaniment, directed by the artist herself. Watch + share via YouTube. “Ghost” offers a first taste into what will be a fruitful 2022, as Selci puts the finishing touches on a two-part album project, details of which will be announced next month. Discussing “Ghost,” Selci noted that, “it’s about being ghosted - literally and figuratively. The first verse is about the elusiveness of truth. This feels augmented in our current reality with the lack of trustworthy sources and the influx of political conspiracies. The second is about being ghosted by a love interest and washing it away with liquor. The third is an outcry - it gives me the feeling of falling to my knees in surrender to the things that I cannot control in this life. This song is very much a response to the political climate of the past two years. It takes the lamen

Selci - Home Counties - Fassine - Beauty Pill

Selci has just shared 'Hide Forever' following on from 'Strangers' which we shared last month, her creative alt pop taking a slower, moody electro pop direction on this occasion. === Bristol, England band Home Counties have released 'Redevelopment' which is a vibrant and addictive indie rocker. === Last month we shared 'Magpie' from Fassine who return for a sixth time on Beehive Candy with 'Max' an atmospheric and more electronic piece, from this imaginative trio. === Released today Beauty Pill share 'Please Advise' a creative and highly individual piece, that exudes intrigue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Selci - Hide Forever. Calgary soundscaper Selci is returning with the languid electro-R&B number, “Hide Forever,” which will appear on her second EP in less than a year, A SOFT PLACE. As the world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, the track’s message of fin

Fake Shape - Nicole Atkins - Kite - On-The-Go - Britt - Tim Cheesebrow - Inbetween Movies - Selci

Fake Shape just released 'Headspace' a slick and stylish indie song with exquisite vocals and musicianship. === Nicole Atkins shares a video for 'Captain' featuring Britt Daniel, it's a dreamy pop piece with a gorgeous retro film. === From Sweden we have Kite and 'Tranås/Stenslanda' where the indie electro duo share an expansive, emotional and dramatic song. === Moscow based band On-The-Go have released 'Unsaid' a distinctive multi genre influenced song that is oozing hooks. === Britt shares song and video 'Looking For Another' a rhythmic, melodic and in all fairness quite mesmerising track. === Tim Cheesebrow has a new album out simply called '7' from which we have the first of twelve tracks 'Almost Through the Dark'. The song gives a good feel for the album where crafted musicianship and arrangements are driven by Tim's notably fine vocals. === Inbetween Movies first appeared here just a couple of months back and no

Rubita - Selci - Bananagun - Ets Trio - FEVA

Rubita has just shared a new song entitled 'Let Me Know'. Gently paced and lyrically quite personal this melodic indie folk piece, eases and charms it's way into our lives. From Selci we have a live video for 'We Could Be Together' and the E.P. that its taken from namely 'Effervescence'. Described below as "gorgeous and otherworldly", I can only agree, her definitive style of alt pop really is something special. Bananagun have shared the final track 'Crane In The Tiger's Mouth' from their upcoming 7" single. The timeless pop vibes are there from the moment go as their woodwind and harmonies create a unique and very pleasing sound. Ets Trio have released a video for their imaginative folk rock song 'Lovers to Strangers'. With a combination of refined musicianship and melodic vocals the piece ebbs and flows in a calm and peaceful manner. FEVA return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with 'We're Not Defective