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Jenny Bakke - The Woolverstones - Lesley Pike

Jenny Bakke - He's Too Famous Now. Earlier this year, Liverpool-based Norwegian musician Jenny Bakke made her musical debut under the moniker Helven, releasing her debut EP, volume 1, a collection of synth-laden bedroom pop songs. Now she’s preparing to make her return with Morild, her most personal collection yet, fittingly to be released under her own name. Last month she shared her first single as Jenny Bakke, an experimental mixture of noise and techno called 'New Life', a bold statement of intent for an artist who is comfortable pushing her ever expanding horizons. Today she is sharing new single ‘He’s Too Famous Now’, a laid-back blend of alternative R&B and indie-pop. The track is based on the sentimental bitterness that lies behind a long-distance relationship. Musicians Bendik HK, Oscar Funden, Andrew Murray Baardsen and Oliver Fremo help lay the foundation that Bakke and her cashmere-soft voice floats upon. She sings about the contrast between expectations th

Thallo - Womb - Signe Marie Rustad - Lesley Pike

Photo - Abi Sinclair Thallo - Pluo. Upcoming Welsh artist Thallo shares new Welsh language single Pluo (transl. Feathering) and announces details of her forthcoming bilingual Crescent EP, inspired by a unique subject matter and one deeply personal to Thallo – immobility. On new single Pluo, Thallo showcases her unique sound, one that is enveloping, otherworldly, and multi-instrumented, spanning bedroom and dream-pop with subtle, textured jazz infusions and contemporary classic touches, both ethereal and utterly enthralling. Pluo translates as ‘feathering’ in English, meaning ‘lightly snowing’ which relates to the song’s poignant opening line “I gather dust which is feathering stillness.” Inspired by the effects of a sudden condition that Thallo suffered in 2020 which caused chronic knee pain and debilitating mobility issues, Pluo touches on the peculiar pain of watching the world return to normal following lockdown, whilst Thallo was trapped in what she describes as “My own personal l