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Monday Mix: Go Fever - Ten Five Sixty - Miccoli - Jason Ayres

Go Fever - United States Of My Mind. Background - Austin-based band Go Fever have shared "United States Of My Mind," the second single from their self-titled debut album. The track is characteristic of the band's surf pop sound mixed with classic rock and roll influences and front woman Acey Monaro's heartfelt lyrics. On the meaning of the track, Monaro says: "I wrote this song during a huge personal turning point for me- fresh out of a 7 year relationship that had started in my teens. I was travelling a lot and sleeping around, and experiencing the mind-altering freedom and perspective that those two pastimes arouse. The expression 'what if?' - which makes up the bridge of the song- was a favourite of mine when I was a kid and I drove my parents mad with weird hypotheticals. This song is about eliminating the 'what ifs' by doing every bloddy thing I felt like doing, after being confined by the limits of my own imagination for a long time.” Web

Sundays Finest: The Masonics - Sweet Gum Tree - Airpark - Siamese - Go Fever

The Masonics - I Ain't Hurting For You. Background - The Masonics New Album Release "Obermann Rides Again". Masters of the Medway Beat made famous by Mr Billy Childish, this is the group that in our view should be the more famous one – with their more original style of raw and tender rock’n’roll songsmithery. Renowned drum wizard Bruce Brand played alongside Childish in the Pop Rivets back in the late 1970s and both he and gruffly charming singer/guitarist Mickey Hampshire were both in the Milkshakes in the early 1980s. (In fact, it was actually Mickey & the Milkshakes originally!) Bass thumper John Gibbs, meanwhile, cut his jib in his younger years in near-legendary Scottish group, The Kaisers. This new limited edition – 500 copies only – album of muscular British rock’n’roll from this widely celebrated beat power trio comes trampling merrily over a swathe of garage rock pretenders. While many young groups clutch equipment of equal quality (almost) and vintage, n