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Midweek Muse: Field Trip - WHOOP-Szo - Sian Cross - Trudy and the Romance - A Tree Grows

Field Trip - Still. Background - New York-based field trip have shared their latest track "Still". It's from their upcoming album, Horror Vauci. The band's Noah Champ explains that "The lyrics come from one of my favourite dreams that involved melting into someone underwater, in the shallow end of a swimming pool." It’s not easy for people with strange, sometimes puzzling minds to control the sounds in their heads and effectuate them into meaning through sound. Noah Champ, Los Angeles native expatriated to New York, has one of those elusive minds: neither here nor there, but somewhere in between, constantly building and re-building upon the expanses of thought. His music, penned field trip, exposes a deeply-altered perspective, horrified and charged by new environs and feelings. Unlike many, Champ has successfully been able to materialise the emotional voids at the core of his person, and has etched them on tape for us to indulge in. Champ moved to New Yo