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The Kinks - Live At The Rainbow 1977

This is The Kinks towards the end of their Sleepwalker Tour from 1977. The album Sleepwalker marked a return to straight-ahead, self-contained rock songs after several years of concept orientated albums. It was the first album in what critics usually call the "arena rock" phase of the group, in which more commercial and mainstream production techniques would be employed. The line up of The Kinks would be trimmed downed significantly in 1977 following the album's release, as the brass section and backup singers were removed and the band returned to a standard rock band outfit. It is however notable in this gig that both brass and backup singers are very much in attendance. This is The Kinks live at The Rainbow Theatre, London on the 24th December 1977. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Rock, Pop. Set: Majority of Concert Set List: 01 Sleepwalker 02 Life on the Road 03 Waterloo Sunset 04 All Day And All Of The Night 05 Slum Kids 06