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Loaver - Dolls - Zooni

Loaver returns here just four weeks after we featured 'Bloom With Me' with another gorgeous song 'Forget All About' upping the anticipation for her debut album 'Fern' due at the end of October. === We have already shared two songs from Dolls E.P 'Eggshells' and today we have another video, this time for 'Secret Ugly Baby' along with the full E.P. === It's been over a year since Zooni last graced our pages, so welcome back with the new song 'Cascara' which is a stylish and intimate art pop song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Loaver - Forget All About. Malmö, Sweden, based singer-songwriter Linnea Hall started her solo project Loaver with a desire to be able to showcase all sides of her experiences and inspirations. On October 30th, debut album 'Fern' is released via Rama Lama Records. 'Forget All About' is the third single to come from the album and

Derw - Shelley Thomas - Slow Soak - Dolls - Katie Boeck

Derw have released 'Ble Cei Di Ddod I Lawr' today, the Welsh language song conveys genuine emotion and the musical arrangement is stylish and a fine accompaniment. === Shelley Thomas shares 'Mirror' a piece that's described as world chamber pop (a good description), it's refined, imaginative and gorgeous. === Slow Soak impressed us back in May and today's release 'Moon' sees the band deliver another stunning indie rocker. === Dolls have released their 'Eggshells' E.P online today from which we have a video for 'Hot Bodies' that typifies this delicious indie rock collection. === Katie Boeck shares 'Making Some Room', a personal song that is sung with notable passion, her refined vocals immersed in a superb musical backdrop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Derw - Ble Cei Di Ddod I Lawr. Derw started as a project between songwriter Dafydd Dabson and his mum

Heads Or Heads - Dolls - Katherine Abbott - Mojo JNR

Heads Or Heads shares a video for 'Lake' the song is beautiful dreamy psych pop and the images add a little extra to the atmosphere. === Dolls share the title track to their much anticipated second E.P 'Eggshells,' the track itself is a fresh sounding and energised indie rocker. === From Katherine Abbott we have 'Lullaby for Lucas' a gentle and tender folk song, from a talented and pleasing artist. === The solo project of Josh David-Read Mojo JNR has a new song called 'Miles Away' which is a really fine mixture of Folk and Bedroom Pop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Heads Or Heads - Lake. Kansas City-based psych pop producer Heads or Heads has a new video for "Lake," the closing song from his latest record, Low Angles. Filmed by the project's Alex Harbolt (who is also a filmmaker by day), "Lake" is a idyllic snapshot of the lake that inspired the song coupled

Frigga - Dolls

Frigga - Flower Flower. Background - Frigga the British-Norwegian artist formerly known as Sasha Siem - returns with her most cosmic and sensual single to date, ‘Flower Flower’. Conceived in her home studio in Brooklyn NYC shortly after giving birth to her son, Dylan. The song was recorded in Queens Park, London with the UK producer Danton Supple.  ‘Flower Flower’ is a bold celebration of desire, the human body and the pure pleasure of being alive. With her wizard-like word-play, Frigga courageously leads us into the darkest and most challenging of truths while at the same time being radically celebratory and empowering.  Using sacred objects - (crystals, runes, tuning forks etc.) - to create unique percussion sounds and beats, the album also marks Frigga’s return to her first instrument - the cello. Recorded at 432 hertz - otherwise known as ‘the Love Frequency’ - the vibrations and sounds of the record are intended to ‘awaken, restore, uplift’. Frigga studied music and poetry at

Dolls - Scott Lavene - Pure Bathing Culture - Jeen O'Brien - Basement Revolver

Dolls - Sugar Free. Background - Having spent the last year relentlessly gigging in and around the capital, packing out venues and being heavily championed by Radio X & BBC Introducing, Dolls have spent the summer working with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Grinderman drummer Jim Sclavunos on their new “Pop The Bubble EP”. The 2-piece, comprising Jade (guitar and vocals) and Bel (drums and vocals), can today reveal lead single “Sugar Free”.  A riotous example of their infectious grunge-punk, it’s a song on the bands views about “the use-and-throwaway society around us today, how superficial people's lives can be, and how rapidly people's values and what's on-trend can change”  Drummer Bel goes on to further explain, “It was a spontaneous song that came out of Jade's improvised guitar riff. When we were writing lyrics I had a sugar free drink and started thinking how people can get so peed off when they ask for diet coke and get regular. So it represents those ki