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ChrisLee - The Foreign Films - Unspoken Tradition - Jessicka

ChrisLee - Leave Your Light On. Pop singer-songwriter ChrisLee has just released his newest single, “Leave Your Light On,” along with a stirring music video. An emotional anthem for his advocacy toward mental health, the song is a reminder that finding the strength to live every day may be a struggle, but it’s all worth it because there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is donating a portion of the inspiring song’s proceeds to NAMI -- National Alliance on Mental Illness -- an organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. “Leave Your Light On” is available to download, stream, and watch on digital music platforms worldwide. MentaI illness can still be a very taboo topic and scary to open up about; that’s why it’s crucial to open up conversations around it -- just like ChrisLee did. With playful beats and uplifting guitar accompanied by heartening lyrics, “Leave Your Light On” encourages listeners to find the courage to kee

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Scott Graham - Little Minds Background - Formulating his musical identity by playing in and haunting the numerous great bars and music clubs in his hometown Melbourne while drawing inspiration from local acts such as The Teskey Brothers and Raised by Eagles, Scott Graham has been on a mission to create thought provoking songs that lead you down a non-conventional path that extends the boundaries of the pop roots experience. The first single, Little Minds from his debut solo EP Into the Sun, is a driving roots pop tune and modern take on the protest song; raging against the system and exploring how a powerful few can impact others. “The song was born out of my frustration of the continuous news cycle of innocent people suffering in war torn parts of the world and the apparent inaction of the people in power to recognise the root cause of these problems,” says Scott. “The song is both a protest and a call to action”. With Into the Sun, Scott Graham is building a repertoire of thought