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Calista Kazuko - Lene Lovich

Calista Kazuko - Press Stop & Rewind / Sweet Jailbird. ‘Press Stop & Rewind’ and ‘Sweet Jailbird’ were written by Calista and long-term collaborator Elliott James Frisby. The songs were recorded at London’s Smokehouse Studios. Nuno Fernandes (Bryan Adams, Jeff Lynne) and Dennis Weinreich (Queen, Supertramp) feature as producers. The beautifully shot videos – dark, sensuous vignettes with deadly narratives, were made with filmmaker Philip Reinking and depict Calista’s sordid fantasies, murderous moments, subsequent incarceration and dreams of escape. “I could not be more delighted to be releasing these two songs,” says Calista. “Their fun, OTT extravagance perfectly punctuate this creative chapter before the campaign for my new album, ‘Empress’, starts in January. It was an honour working with such a musical dream-team as producers Nuno Fernandes and Dennis Weinreich – and creating visuals with filmmaker Philip Reinking was the icing on the cake.” Calista Kazuko is a singer

Lene Lovich - Malibu 1983

This is Lene Lovich live in Malibu back in 1983. Lene Lovich was born Lili-Marlene Premilovich in Detroit, Michigan, to an English mother and a Serbian father. After her father had health problems, her mother took her and her three siblings to live in Hull, England. Lovich was 13 years old at the time. She met the guitarist/songwriter Les Chappell when they were teenagers, and he became her longtime collaborator and life partner. In autumn 1968, they went to London, England to attend art school. It was there that Lovich first tied her hair into the plaits that later became a visual trademark, though at first she did it to keep her hair out of the clay when studying sculpture. In 1975, Lovich joined The Diversions, a funk group that put out five singles and an album on Polydor Records without success. In 1976 she released a 7" 3-track "maxi-single" in the UK under her own name, aimed at the Christmas market: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/The Christmas Song (M