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High Wasted - Pastel Coast

High Wasted - Germ Free High Fives. Paul Shepherd and Owen Marchildon have spent the last twenty years in the Toronto music scene, playing in various different projects, sometimes together and sometimes separately. While thinking on a new project, Val Calam was invited to join and collaborate with the pair. Calam was just the lift Shepherd and Marchildon needed. After several dinner parties with endless music listening, they discussed their strengths and aspirations and High Wasted came to fruition. Together, they blend simple punk tones and exploratory lyrics that push towards a velvet induced frame of mind, approaching the recording process with an energetic, transcending mentality. High Wasted’s debut single, “Germ Free High Fives,” showcases the band’s sonic capabilities and musical lyricism. It’s energy is peddled by a tattered charm, a feeling of pleasant dizziness, that may leave the listener to encompass decades of past classics. ===============================================

Forest Bees - Tenci - Bear - High Wasted - Julia Logan

Forest Bees (aka San Francisco solo artist Sheetal Singh) has just released 'Alone Together' after some time away from the music scene, this is a fresh, creative and genre spanning track. === Tenci has a new single entitled 'Forgot My Horse's Name', it's a mixture of modern folk with some Americana feeling to it and a refined musical backdrop. === Bear shares 'Matched & Gasoline' which is a gently paced country song, that gradually adds musical layers behind her really fine vocals. === Today NYC rockers High Wasted have released their new album 'Sick Of Saying Sorry' and it's playing in full below, the bands often feisty indie rock is matched with some clever pop sensibilities, making for a vibrant sound throughout. === Julia Logan has shared her debut single 'To Be True' which is a refreshing and beautiful song, with a strong melodic hook running through it. --------------------------------------------------------------------