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Genre Wander: Avakhan - Firebug - MV & EE - Terence Jack

Avakhan - Just Let Go. Background promo - Swedish female fronted indie-pop Avakhan share latest single 'Just Let Go' + Album coming 2017. Written and produced by the band, their latest single Just Let Go is an upbeat, feel-good pop tune. An outrageously addictive chorus paired with Tegan And Sara - esque vibrant vocals is the perfect combination for what feels like a summery hit. The piece is taken from their upcoming album to be released in 2017. It all began when Ava, Kristoffer and Joakim met in Stockholm and started a band touring clubs and festivals. After many celebrated concerts it was not long until they were the labeled as “Sweden’s best unsigned live band” by a Swedish Idol Judge on Channel Four. After they released their debut album it’s not what you believe in which one of Sweden’s greatest jazz musicians Magnus Lindgren collaborated on it. Website here . 'Just Let Go' has all the right ingredients for a fine, melodic indie pop song. It's good to her

Tuesday Two: Terence Jack - Mira Aasma

Terence Jack - Eastern Rise. Background words from Terence Jack -  I've partnered with former band mate and fellow Vancouverite Daniel Klenner (We Are the City, Tourist Company, Hey Ocean) to co-produce my new EP. We have always had a dynamic synergy and chemistry which can be heard in the song’s triumphant verses and serene chorus. We started messing around with piano sounds when we came up with the staccato piano line that helped carry the song. We both jumped out of our chairs and knew that it was perfect for the song. After touring Canada by way of train and a South East Asia tour this previous winter, I'm looking at touring the new record “Never Get Back” coast-to-coast across Canada accompanied by a full band this Spring. One of six quite individual and varied songs on 'Never Get Back' the featured single 'Eastern Rise' gives a really good feel for the music of Terence Jack. Musically the collection is hard to put in any one genre, sometimes it'