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Snake - Dawn Coulshed - HEBE - CocoRosie - Cherokee Death Cats - EllaHarp

Snake released 'Falling' earlier this week and it's one feisty and fabulous rocker with hooks galore. === Scottish artist Dawn Coulshed has just released 'Same Side' a beautiful singer songwriter piece with a richly refined musical arrangement. === We featured HEBE last November and she returns with a new song and video for 'Out Of Sight' a smooth and soulful electro pop song. === CocoRosie share a fourth song and video from their next album, this time we have 'Restless' and it is simply wonderful. === Although this song was released back in November Cherokee Death Cats have just appeared on our radar and 'Sick' is to good a rocker to pass up on. === EllaHarp releases 'Screaming Into The Void' a stunning song where the harp and her melodic vocals fuse beautifully together on this refreshing folk pop song . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snake - Falling. Four years a