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Geoff Gibbons - Feng Suave - The Danberrys

Geoff Gibbons new song 'Keep On Driving' has just been shared, we have to go back to November 2017 for our last feature, however this is a wonderful reminder of his talented song writing and beautiful delivery. ===  Dutch duo Feng Suave have a new E.P 'Warping Youth' comprising of six wonderful tracks where timeless soulful moments and exquisite bedroom pop merge and create something very special. === The Danberrys make their third appearance here this year with the new single 'Undertow' ahead of next months album release and again the duos varied Americana, is simply gorgeous. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Geoff Gibbons - Keep On Driving. Vancouver-based Roots/Folk Rock artist Geoff Gibbons is a true storyteller, armed with that rare narrative combination of humility, compassion, and troubador wisdom. His songs are melodic and wholly relatable. Much like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen'

The Caress - Marle Thomson - Thrillhouse - Ani Glass - The Danberrys - Tourists

The Caress have released 'The Grave' today and it's one gorgeous song where a refined shoegaze guitar arrangement backs some beautiful vocals. === Dutch singer-songwriter Marle Thomson shares 'Castles' where the uncluttered musical backdrop is just right for her soulful melodic vocals. === Thrillhouse share their brand new track 'Lesser' which is a crisp rhythmic and catchy alt rocker. === It's an absolute pleasure to be able to share today's album release from Ani Glass entitled Mirores. We featured the title track back in January and everything that song promised has been delivered across this blissfully wonderful collection of music. === Last month we featured 'The Mountain' from The Danberrys and today they have shared the title track 'Shine' from their forthcoming album, which again has some natural rock & modern Americana sensibilities. ===Alt rock band Tourists have released 'Smokescreen' a swirling atmospheric a

Selkama - The Danberrys - Pawn Painters - Detalji - Satin Nickel - Puss N Boots

Having featured the previous two singles from there forthcoming album it's a pleasure to include the third from Selkama entitled 'Mosquito Bite' as the pair once again impress in a big way. === The Danberrys have just released their new single 'The Mountain' and the Americana duo have a bluesy rock vibe going on as they give us a glimpse of the upcoming album 'Shine'. === From Bavaria, Germany we have Pawn Painters and 'Under The Sun' a moody, emotive and atmospheric indie rocker. === Detalji shares 'Without You' a feisty and rhytmic electro song where her vocals soar superbly above and within the beats. === New York City based Satin Nickel release 'Call It' a fabulous folk pop song accompanied by a beautifully matched video. === Puss N Boots might be better known than many of the emerging artists we feature here however their new song 'Sister' is just to good to ignore. ----------------------------------------------------