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Another Sky - Bitter Defeat

Another Sky have just shared their latest single 'Was I Unkind?' along with a video of them performing with London Contemporary Voices. We have added a second video which features two extra songs 'Tree' and 'Avalanche’ again with London Contemporary Voices. This is our fourth feature for this exceptional band this year and these superb versions of their music really are something quite special and an absolute pleasure to share. ===== Bitter Defeat are a New Zealand based band and their brand new single 'Better' is a distinctive indie rock song. Gritty and packing some gorgeous hooks, this quickly becomes "sing along" music, and needless to say pretty much a certainty for a good few more listens.  =================================================== Another Sky - Was I Unkind? / Another Sky with London Contemporary Voices Another Sky releases “Was I Unkind?” taken from 'Music For Winter Vol. 1 EP' out January 1st via Missing Piece Records /

Another Sky - Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin - Charlie Nieland - Whizz Bomb

Another Sky return for a third time this year with another gorgeous song entitled 'Sun Seeker'. The band have garnered plenty of attention and the latest song demonstrates why, it's beauty lies in the subtle and intricately arranged musical backdrop that grows with intensity and the fabulous vocals that add breathtaking emotion. ===== Is there a finer artists name than Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin possibly, but that's not really the point when you take the delicious song and video for 'The Marionettes' into account. It's the ninth video from her second album so lovers of creative and "out there" music have plenty of catching up to do, well I have anyway!  ===== Charlie Nieland has appeared on Beehive Candy a few times as one half of Lusterlit and it's a real pleasure to share the title track for his forthcoming album 'Divisions' which is one hundred percent impressive. ===== Whizz Bomb (Paul Wishart) has released 'All I Want Is Y

Tourists - Another Sky - Lilikoi - Are We Static - Linda Campbell

Tourists are from Torquay, England and with a new record contract they have shared 'Lego Man' a refined dream pop piece with some shoegaze vibes adding depth. ===Just a month ago we featured  'Fell In Love With The City' by Another Sky they are back with 'All Ends' which is another sophisticated and beautiful track. === Lilikoi are a Psychedelic Dream Pop band from London whose latest release is 'SOS' and it's a dreamy, relaxed and melodic piece. === From Wigan, England we have Are We Static and the first taste of their sophomore LP, 'Accepting The Universe' which is 'The Godfather' a distinct and impressive indie rocker. === We have the full album from Linda Campbell which is entitled 'My Geography' comprising of twelve original songs, it's a feast of fabulous music, the write up below gives an idea of the class and quality you can expect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Another Sky - Chris Bell - Hannah Frances - Shuffalo

Another Sky have shared 'Fell In Love With The City' and announced their debut album will be released in August, the song itself is a mixture of refined indie rock and some notable vocals from Catrin Vincent. === Chris Bell has been active in the music industry for some time and now he has shared a new song entitled 'Whispering Town' which exudes both quality and heart. === Hannah Frances is a new artist from Melbourne, Australia and her first single from a forthcoming E.P is the rather special 'Wolf' which more than hints some fine new songs on are there way. === Alt rock band Shuffalo share 'Stay On Me' which is one of those tracks that stand out in a crowded musical genre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another Sky - Fell In Love With The City. Another Sky have announced the release of their debut album I Slept On The Floor, due for release on August 7th via Missing Piece Recor

The Last Bees - Another Sky - Sofia - Vilde

The self titled E.P. from The Last Bees comprises of six unashamedly Beatles influenced songs, and what's more each one is a delight to listen to. A couple of days after the music video for 'The Cracks' was put out and Another Sky are already well into the thousands of views, this is a band getting considerable attention for all the right reasons. From Finland we have Sofia and 'Heavy' the title track from her E.P due next week, this smooth and engaging song bodes well for what's to follow. 'Sardines' from Vilde is just so likable, the video adding even more, if this is weird pop, then I am all for plenty of weird pop. The Last Bees - The Last Bees (E.P). Countless bands have cited the Beatles as inspiration, but few have recaptured their early sound with the same attention to detail as The Last Bees. Milwaukee-based Ian Ash grew up soaking up the sounds of Summerfest every year and it wasn’t long before he was a fixture in bands that were grabb