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Four On Thursday: Bordeen - Minus the Bear - The Darling Buds - The History of Colour TV

Bordeen - Ocean Tide. Background from Bordeen - We're an Indie Pop band from just north of Toronto. As siblings, we are quite different, but as musicians, we come together forming something original. This song is about accepting the things in life that are out of your control and being ok with that. There’s a certain melancholy about it, but through surrender, there’s a greater hope. Once you get past certain realities and experiences you can reach a deeper sense of joy. We’ve decided to call our upcoming album, “Stiver” after the street where we grew up. As a collection of songs it’s a representation of more than just one concentrated writing session. The songs were written over a period of time where we had the chance to come together in a place that had fostered creativity and musical expression for a long period of our lives. Ocean Tide the video depicts a sense of longing, a hopeful tone, a yearning, a journey of discovery, moving from a place of overwhelm into a moment of