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Rogue Jones - Terry Emm

Rogue Jones - Dos Bebés (Album). Recorded during a 5 year period which started whilst Bethan and Ynyr (Rogue Jones) were expecting their first child and ended just before the birth of their second child. Dau Fabi. Two Babies. Dos Bebés, is an album exploring life in all its messy glory – light and dark, profound and ridiculous….Raw, bombastic, vulnerable, gentle, big, playful. LIFE and LIVING….BEING ALIVE, embracing the imperfections and seeing the beauty in every moment. “The initial sessions back in 2017 were experimental and meandering; we turned up in Tŷ Drwg (the studio home of our longtime producer Frank Naughton) with only very loose sketches of songs and often built the song up in the studio in an extremely liberating way of composing and recording. By the end of the recording process, in winter 2021, we were up against it to finish the album before the baby arrived so a more raw and impulsive approach was taken. The fact that we have two main song-writers who have quite diffe

Freyja Elsy - Terry Emm - Jake Morley - Awkward Branches

Freyja Elsy - Golden Hour. Freyja's vocals on her new song ‘Golden Hour’ are breathtaking and oh so versatile, add in a gorgeous musical arrangement and this really is a standout song. The promo is spot on telling us that the song  encapsulates the nervous joy that comes with change and seeking the strength and bravery to take a different path. Experimenting with vocal chopping alongside deep harmonies, Elsy constructs a warm sonic bath of piano, strings and synthesisers around lilting melodies and uplifting crescendos. Previous singles ‘Lungs’ and ‘Requiem’ drew praise, coverage and radio play internationally - including BBC 6Music. On ‘Lungs’ the BBC’s Adam Walton said: “This gave me goosebumps that haven’t subsided since I first heard it … off-the-scale evocative” and for ‘Requiem’ Circuit Sweet said of Elsy: “A classic composer on all levels with an understanding of connection within their creations.” Freyja Elsy is an independent songwriter and composer who produces layered,

Tamar Berk - John Salaway feat. Chelsea Gilliland - Terry Emm

Tamar Berk - June Lake. The indie pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Tamar Berk has released the music video for “June Lake” the focus track from upcoming full length album Start At The End, which was just released yesterday. Following the release of her acclaimed debut solo album The Restless Dreams Of Youth, which was recently nominated for Best Pop Album and Album of the Year 2021 at the San Diego Music Awards, this new album was written and recorded during the pandemic lockdown and in the wake of the death of Tamar’s father, but Start At The End is not as morose or downtrodden as that subject matter would imply, as Tamar has found a way to create liberating, emotionally captivating indie pop / rock catharsis from personal tragedy. Unlike previous singles from the album “Tragic Endings” and “your permission” (the latter of which was featured on NPR’s new music friday playlist), “June Lake'' is one of the softer and more introspective tracks on the album, and

The Woolly Mammoths - Chorusgirl - Rina Mushonga - Terry Emm - The Hate Club - Tania Vinokur

The Woolly Mammoths - No Confidence Man. Background - No Confidence Man is the funky fresh track from the self-effacing young Bostonites, The Woolly Mammoths. Consummate music nerds The Woolly Mammoths create sly, idiosyncratic dance punk that falls somewhere between Parquet Courts and Animal Collective. Their high energy, cheeky vibe seems to be a direct response to their starchy childhoods on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, where they learned to escape the doldrums by indulging themselves in off-beat esoteric indie rock. Since their inception in 2014, the quintet has cut loose with two LP’s and EP, culminating in 2017’s Resist Consumerism, Buy Our Album which received a positive shout out from Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop. Their dynamic, collaborative recordings and sweaty live show quickly created a local groundswell, culminating in praise from Greater Boston Music Publications and prodding the band to leave NH behind to pursue music in Boston proper, locking in openin