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Jasmine Rodgers - Rod Picott - Union Duke - Mercvrial - Rose Ette

Jasmine Rodgers has shared a live video recording for 'Underwater' featuring Scott Matthews. It's a refined modern folk song and this production really is quite special. Rod Picott has a voice just made for intimate Americana music as is witnessed with 'Mama's Boy' where his raw and personal vocals are so engaging. Folk rock (perhaps with the emphasis more on rock) comes in the form of  'Ladidadida' by Union Duke a vibrant and hook laden song from beginning to end. Two new singles for the price of none as Mercvrial share a couple of videos for 'Carnival' and 'Otherworld'. There both from their upcoming EP 'The Stars Like Dust' and the band deliver some fabulous shoegaze mixed with dream pop. We featured the audio for 'Skin' by Rose Ette a couple of months back, however they now have a brand new video for the song, so I thought it's a fine tune, lets give it another play. --------------------------------------

LISA - Rose Ette - Louien

Some intriguing thoughts and comments from LISA below to accompany 'Primitive Us'. It's a gorgeous song full of melodic hooks whilst individuality brims through. From Rose Ette we have the title track from their 'Ignore The Feeling' album. It's one of nine songs and I have also included 'Skin', between them they give a good feel for bands highly engaging brand of rock. Yesterday Louien released 'Be Forgiven' and it's a fabulous singer-songwriter piece where both her refined vocals and the imaginative musical arrangement are outstanding. LISA - Primitive Us. “Primitive Us” is candy coated razor-blades. “Primitive Us” is phoney feelings. “Primitive Us” is dangling carrots. “Primitive Us” is self destruction. “Primitive Us” is winning big and then losing it all. I think we’re happy to let the wool be pulled over our eyes. To sleepwalk through life a little. But as we all know, wool is hella itchy and at some point those blinders need to

Rose Ette - Lily & Madeleine - The Prescriptions

Rose Ette - Ignore the Feeling. What good is rock and roll without a love story? Even in 2018, among the uneven power struggles and problematic dudes, someone is going to look across the room at someone else and wish they could stand over there, instead of standing here alone. Pretty basic aspect of the human experience, yeah? But somehow, though we can define our political stances in unambiguous terms, our affection remains a mercurial subject for words. On some days, it’s easier to argue with a GOP granddad over the existence of global warming than to face that someone across the room and tell them just what magnetic force draws you near. “Oh, boo hoo,” say the stable, the pairs coupled in high school, the loveless bachelors in IT. But in the realm of Rose Ette – ostensibly modern-day Houston, spiritually Olympia or London from two or three decades back (respectively) – the mental hurdles that block both parties from honest and true bonds are real struggles worth fighting for. W