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Boz Scaggs - Expo 1985 - Live in Japan

This is Boz Scaggs live in concert at The Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, on March 15th, 1985, part of Expo 1985. I do not intend to go on about Boz Scaggs in detail here, when his 'official' fan site has a mass of information that would keep the most ardent fan amused and interested for hours. All I will say is, if you remain unfamiliar with Boz's music and you like a quality singer - song writer, who plays the guitar superbly, and enjoy anything from Rock to Soul, Blues to Pop, take a listen to this recording. Source: Originally circulated on CD bootlegger's 'Fire Power' (FP9045), who used silver discs rather than CDR's, the original was recorded from an FM radio broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo FM (mp3 @ 192kbps). Genre: Wikipedia reckons -Blue-eyed soul, Disco, Rock, Blues Rock, oh just listen and make your own decision if it's that crucial! Set: Full live concert Set List: 01 Dinah Flo - 3.37 02 Jojo - 5.54 03 I Got Your Number - 3.49 04 Isn&#