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Smoke Fairies - Brudini - The Shacks - Chelsea Williams - Kluster B

Smoke Fairies have just released a new track entitled 'No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind', we've already featured three songs from their recent album and this one is another spectacular piece. === Brudini returns with 'Radiant Man' which is a beautiful calm singer-songwriter piece. === Retro indie rockers The Shacks released 'Wings' and it opens as an understated song before adding more melodic layers. === Los Angeles artist Chelsea Williams new song is 'Wasted' which is an upbeat and hook filled track with bags of charm. === So far this year we have shared three songs from Kluster B new album 'b' and it's a pleasure to now share the full collection that has just been released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Smoke Fairies - No Matter How This Goes, Just Make Sure That You're Kind. Smoke Fairies (Jessica Davies & Katherine Blamire) h

CocoRosie - Bullion - Ben Seretan - Color TV - Nessa - Smoke Fairies - Alex Winters

CocoRosie have just shared 'Aloha Friday' ahead of their seventh studio album due in March, the contrast with 'Smash My Head' is notable and suggests the sisters have plenty of new ideas for us to enjoy. === Bullion has released 'Hula' ahead of a new E.P, and it's a remarkable mixture of musical sounds that are beautifully arranged, his vocals adding another layer on this addictive track. === New York City based Ben Seretan latest song is 'Power Zone' a sumptuous bluesy ballad where emotion and personal vibes flourish. === We have a taste of Emotional Response Records 5th volume of 'Typical Girls' compilation series through Color TV  and 'Anybody's Girl' a feisty pop punk song and hopefully we can share more from the sixteen track selection ahead of it's release. === Described as mixing Celtic and World music inspired styles Nessa have just released 'A Stitch In Time' and it's a creative and gorgeous song, where

Hussy - Lannigan - Tall Heights - Smoke Fairies - Albon - Dirty Sound Magnet - John Edge & The Kings Of Nowhere - Jennah Barry

Hussy has released 'YLMD' where her creative alt pop has a rockier edge as Sophie Nicole Ellison impresses us big time. === Lannigan poses the question 'Where Do We Go From Here?' his vocals urging for an answer on this melodic bedroom pop track. === Duo Tall Heights share 'Under Your Skin' a blissful, melodic song with an atmospheric and gorgeous vibe. === Our second feature for Smoke Fairies following 'Disconnect' (just over a week ago), they are back with another fine rocker 'Elevator'. === Talking of quick returns to Beehive Candy Albon is back with 'Big Sur Theme' we described his last track as "a refreshing and bright sounding piece" something he is clearly good at creating. === Swiss band Dirty Sound Magnet have a new video for 'Social Media Girl' the distinctive psych rock band are in splendid sonic form. === Scottish band John Edge & The Kings Of Nowhere have a new song and video for 'It Calls' a b

Meres - Sunny Gable - Yazymyn Hendrix - Smoke Fairies - The Big Peach

I realise that today we have more Spotify embeds than usual, so apologies if you don't use their service, this really is just a coincidence. Meres new single 'Cut' is a straight down the line rocker with punchy guitars and her totally rock & roll vocals. === Sunny Gable today releases 'Audience Of One' an album with traditional Americana vibes running throughout, her vocals adding real personal feeling to some beautifully arranged songs, and we have included a video for a solo performance of the opening song. === We have the new single 'Be Me' from Yazymyn Hendrix along with a video for a live looping performance of another song 'Better Days'. The single is melodic, soulful and creative and the live video is both fun and impressive. === A new video from Smoke Fairies was released today entitled 'Disconnect' the duo carve out a distinct alt rock sound with plenty of hooks along the way. === The Big Peach have just shared 'Run and H