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Sun June - Palberta - SLUGS

Sun June have shared 'Bad Girl' and the song has been getting plenty of attention over the past two days since it's release. Accompanied with a video this gently melodic and dreamy song still packs plenty of emotion and is an excellent foretaste for their upcoming album 'Somewhere'. ===== Palberta return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with the final pre-release song 'The Way That You Do' ahead of the album 'Palberta5000' due on January 22nd. As always their vocals and harmonies are exquisite and juxtapose a somewhat quirky musical backdrop wonderfully. ===== From SLUGS we have 'Super Sane' and the four piece alt rock outfit out of Los Angeles really do impress. This is fine and original track, the music arrangement is notable as are the refined vocals. =================================================== Sun June - Bad Girl. Austin, Texas' Sun June have shared a stunning video for their new single "Bad Girl," the latest fro

All Things Blue - llawgne - Flight Attendant - Palberta

All Things Blue are a Los Angeles pysch-shoegaze band and they have just released 'Lully' ahead of their debut album 'Get Bit'. The song itself slowly opens with gorgeous vocals and plenty of originality, adding some refined musical accompanyment. ===== llawgne (aka Mathias Engwall) shares 'Reverie Neverending' a song that is smooth flowing dream pop with a hint or two of showegaze, the melodic hooks making the piece really stand out. ===== From Flight Attendant we have the new track and video for 'Comedy Show'. The Nashville based quintet serve up a song that builds both musically and with intensity, it's a little dramatic and very enticing, the video conveys all of that. ===== Palberta return just over a month since we featured 'Before I Got Here' with another new song and video for 'Corner Store'. Once again the vocals and especially the harmonies are notable and the stripped back music complements well. ========================

Leahy - Hannah Scott - Tamara Willamson - Kill The Giants - Palberta

Leahy have shared the title track from their new album 'Good Water' and what a superb piece it is with wonderful vocals and harmonies. ==== Our third feature this year for Hannah Scott comes in the form of 'Untangling' where once again her beautifully crafted music and distinctive vocals impress. ==== It's been quite some time since Tamara Willamson last graced our pages and it's a warm welcome back as we feature her new single 'Swim' along with another recent one 'Flashback' both of which confirm she can and still does deliver creative and fabulous music. ==== Kill The Giants have released a poignant video for the title track of their new album 'Three Word Phrase'. This eclectic and genre defying band have produced a gem of an album of which this track is but one dimension. ==== Palberta are getting plenty of attention with the new song and video for 'Before I Got Here' where melody, harmonies and punk sensibilities come togeth

Venice May - Palberta - Ganser

Venice May - Hiding Place (Video) and the album - Illusion Is Inevitable. Venice May is a project founded in 2013 by Natalia and Vincent, a couple both on and off stage. Their first common effort, "Illusion is inevitable was released in September 2018. Fundamentally rock, full of melodic  entanglements and ethereal atmospheres, their music also incorporates elements from post-rock.  They do not like to cite influences, the desire and the ambition to deliver a unique sound being too strong. Listening to them, however, it is difficult to deny their affiliation with PJ Harvey, Sigur Ros, Portishead, A Perfect Circle, Brand New or Radiohead.  Natalia was born in Ukraine and moved to France at the age of 25, Vincent was born and raised in France. The band is a duo that is accompanied by other musicians for their live performances. The songs were written and  produced by Vincent and Natalia and then mixed and mastered by Alexey Stetsyuk at Grave Town Production. No synths were used,