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Hannah Scott - Illuminine ft. Hannah Corinne - Mountain Head - In Caravans

We featured Hannah Scott's album "Pieces of the Night" last summer and are really pleased to share her latest single 'Walk A Wire' a vibrant modern folk song with bags of energy. 'The Many Deaths Of Letting Go' from Illuminine and featuring Hannah Corinne on vocals is a dreamy, gentle song that soothes and pleases. Mountain Head's alt rocker 'We Stole Your Head' touches on the information overload that so often distracts us, it does so with some fine hooks and a very engaging musical arrangement. The recent E.P release from Denmark's In Caravans is worth catching up with, the four songs are infectious as the band carve out their own quite individual and attractive sounds. Hannah Scott - Walk A Wire. Hannah Scott presents her new single, “Walk a Wire”. Inspired by a friend with a disability who closed herself away for fear of rejection, it invites people to take a chance and open up to life. Hannah tries to follow her own advice despi