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Lead Pony - Lala Salama - The Drive-By Truckers - The Broken Islands

Lead Pony - Vultures. San Diego psych/blues rock group Lead Pony release their new single, “Vultures” this week, the title-track to their upcoming debut full-length, which they have announced for a July 14 release. Discussing the single, guitarist Jesse Hofstee noted, "’Vultures’ is a story about someone leaving their hometown to go to the city and 'make it big'. It’s about change, taking risks and finding yourself, but also a cautionary tale about the vultures that will take advantage of people that are finding themselves, and send them in the wrong direction. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the record that started to lay the groundwork for the sound and idea of this being a record about the city.” Lead Pony emerged in 2017, releasing their debut EP, Eclipse, and quickly followed with the appropriately titled, double-single, Two Love Songs in 2018. The band toured relentlessly, and had successes getting music placements, including on the TV show “Shameless”. I

Night Flight - Tokyo Tea Room - The Broken Islands - Plaza

Night Flight new single 'David' precedes a new E.P due next February. We featured the band a couple of times last year and the newest track sees the band in thoughtful mode with this tender and beautiful track. === Tokyo Tea Room just released their 'Dream Room' E.P. We have already shared a couple of tracks from it and been very impressed with their psych pop creations, the final two songs are equally refined. === With a rhythmic opening 'Highlife' from The Broken Islands gently builds with melodic vocals before the band unleash a powerful and expansive post rock feel, on this sub six minute feast. === Last month we featured the song 'See' by Plaza as a taster for the new E.P wernotplaza ll. Now with all four songs we find that the quartet are not tied to any one style, indeed they are quite open with their influences and whats more they have served up a very fine collection of songs. ----------------------------------------------------------------