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Ora Cogan - Ariana Delawari feat. Devendra Banhart

Photo - Stasia Garraway Ora Cogan - Dyed. Experimental singer-songwriter Ora Cogan recently announced the Aug 25 release of her new album Formless by sharing the VHS/Super 8 video for the first single “Cowgirl”,  a haunted acid trip of intense sorrow, deep solitude, and dark nights of the soul. This week, Cogan ponders awkward love with the release of the haunting "Dyed." "I wrote 'Dyed' while I was reading Italo Calvino's Difficult Loves," says Cogan. "It's about how strange and ridiculous romance is... how ridiculous human interaction can be. You're dealing with people on the surface but also their imaginations, fears, dreams, and projections. We're just a bunch of broken funhouse mirrors sometimes and that's sort of horrifying but also kinda fun." “Dyed” is part two of a trilogy of videos by Latro Films created for Formless. The video revolves around a singular character who carries water as a symbol for the human heart and