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The Silverbeets - Kim Bingham - Scenic Route To Alaska - Psymon Spine

The Silverbeets recently shared 'We Mattered Once Upon A Time' along with a video. The song is from their next album 'Halcyon Days' and gives a good feel for the bands desirable and distinctive indie art rock. ==== Kim Bingham hasn't wasted her lock down and along with Jolyon White has produced a fresh and highly entertaining video entitled "Sweet Irene: Escape from Lockdown" which comes from her UP! album. ==== Scenic Route To Alaska have just released 'Polarized' and the Edmonton-based indie pop trio are impressive with this powerful and hook filled song. ==== We featured 'Milk' by Psymon Spine back in July and they are back with 'Modmed' along with a video, the new track is a swirling psychedelic piece with some light disco vibes. =================================================== The Silverbeets - We Mattered Once Upon A Time. Australian indie art rockers The Silverbeets have announced they will be releasing their 'Halcyon

Winola Oak - Kim Bingham - Rina Mushonga - Jesse Marchant - Piney Gir - Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra

Winola Oak has just released her new single 'Let Me Know'. Accompanied by a video the new song follows on from the exceptional track 'Break My Broken Heart' a tough act to follow but Winola delivers a different and faster paced piece, that nonetheless gorgeous. Released yesterday we have a really cool music video from Kim Bingham for 'Beppe Green'. The song is upbeat, fast flowing and melodic indie pop/rock, that's very catchy. Rina Mushonga returns for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with the brand new track 'Cassiopeia'. Last time we stated that "Rina Mushonga continues to consistently impress us with her distinctive and charismatic music." Well, she has done it again and in a very creative manner. From Jesse Marchant we have 'I've Got Friends' accompanied by an in the studio video. The song is a gentle predominately acoustic affair from this very talented indie folk artist. We featured Piney Gir a couple of times la