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MwS - Eva & the Vagabond Tales - Future Rootz

MwS have shared 'Moonlight' a smooth, melodic and soulful song with that all important wow factor that makes the piece stand out. 'Sea Will Return You' is from the Southern California folk ensemble Eve & The Vagabond Tales . The vocals are beautifully melodic and the bands musical structure is wonderful and full of Americana refinement. We don't often feature remixes however Future Rootz have created some really enticing music that is just crammed with quality and fresh creativity, it's just got to be shared, this really is exceptional! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MwS - Moonlight. Although the pair recount working with other talented musicians and producers, the scene is unquestionably stronger on the British Isles so a move was always on the cards. However, the whole plan was nearly derailed early on as the pair booked tickets into the UK on the very d