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Sunday Best: Tammy - SALT - Miniature Tigers - INDIIA

Tammy - Away For The Weekend Background promo - F riday just gone and indie twosome Tammy release their latest single, "Away For The Weekend". Of the track, the band says, "'Away' is one of the first songs we ever played together. When we would play it at shows we'd always say we were playing our future hit single... In the Tammy repertoire, we break most of our songs down into the categories of love songs, hate songs, and songs about making out.. this one, written before we conceived of those designations, doesn't fit so neatly into any one of them. The subject is in love but it's a hopeless kind of love, and in the end we dont get the feeling that it's come to fruition." Members Aaron and Brooke, who met for the first time at a New York bar called Ioana, possess the kind of undeniable chemistry that brings to mind some of the most beloved American folk duos, like Simon & Garfunkel and Dylan and Baez. Aaron’s bouncy acoustic riffs pro