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Rae Fitzgerald - Drab Majesty - Silent Forum

Rae Fitzgerald - Say I Look Happy. Rae Fitzgerald shares "Say I Look Happy" today, the title track from her new album out September 1 via Keeled Scales. About "Say I Look Happy," Rae Fitzgerald writes: "I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve struggled with major depression for as long as I can remember, starting in early childhood. As anyone with persistent mental health issues or illness knows, the stigma and pressure to 'fix' yourself can be more isolating than the condition. 'Say I Look Happy' is sort of an ode to that surreal plane of existence and a song of gratitude to the people who traipse through those valleys alongside me." Say I Look Happy follows 2020's Lonely Listener EP, which The Wild Honey Pie described as “hypnotically relaxing,” and “dense with poetry, philosophy and celestial metaphor." Post-Trash called it a “a folk record at heart, built on dreamy atmospheres and intimate recordings, capturing Fitzgerald’s thought

All Things Blue - Tacsidermi - The Hempolics - The Highway Women - Silent Forum

All Things Blue make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy this year with the new single 'Buddha & Penelope'. The Los Angeles psych pop (& more) band have been consistently creative with each track they have shared ahead of their debut album, this final taster being another fabulous affair. ===== From Wales we have Tacsidermi and their debut single 'Gwir'. If you read the background piece below you may notice we have already shared some music from their Welsh counterparts and as a new duo they have created a wonderfully beautiful new song. ===== During the latter part of last year and the early part of this The Hempolics really impressed us and it's great to have a new video for 'In the Night' which is the final individual piece from their last album. Reggae and Dub fans may now indulge once again to this superb band. ===== We featured The Highway Women back in July with a video for 'Shake The Dust'. Now they have produced a new video for

Imperial Daze - Silent Forum - Natalie Bouloudis - West Wickhams - M Ward - Oliver James - Thom Sawyr - Teeniest - Sam Weber

Imperial Daze have released 'Centerpole'. We have featured the band a couple of times this year and the latest song reinforces just how talented these indie rockers are. === Silent Forum have a brand new album entitled 'Everything Solved At Once'. Having featured the band a few times I have to say the album lives up to expectations, with the band keeping the interest and intrigue rolling throughout. === Another artist who has been on our radar for sometime is Natalie Bouloudis who today shares 'Outlaster' a moody, atmospheric and addictive song. === West Wickhams today release 'He's Acquired A New Face' the a side of two impressive, distinct and hook filled songs. === With a new album scheduled for April next year M. Ward creates anticipation with the first taste entitled 'Migration Of Souls'. === Comprising of four songs Oliver James has released 'The Hardest Part' an E.P that takes in folk, indie rock, psych and mixes it all up

GURU - Wy - Kris Kelly - Silent Forum

'Fixation' from GURU is a formidable punk rocker, the vocals are fierce and not to be left behind, the band are equally forceful. We have already featured a couple of gorgeous songs from Wy's forthcoming album and the final teaser 'Swedish Summer' ups our anticipation even more! We are a little late sharing Kris Kelly's music video for 'Birthplace' but this is such a wonderful song, it simply has to be featured. Cardiff (Wales) based Silent Forum's third single 'Safety In Numbers' is imaginative and not easy to categorise, so we will file under creative post punk, indie something. GURU - Fixation. Brighton’s endless production line continues to reinforce their status as one of the UK’s finest indie hotbeds and in punk sensations GURU they’ve certainly found another to add to the growing list. Bursting out of the blocks with their rollicking third instalment Fixation, the rising quartet demonstrate all the makings of a band ready to m

Amanda Tenfjord - Mel Parsons - Silent Forum - Tellico - Deanna Petcoff

Amanda Tenfjord - First Impression EP. Norwegian 21-year-old Amanda Tenfjord releases her debut EP ‘First Impression’, unveiling brand new track ‘Pick a Card’. After phenomenally received first three singles, ‘First Impression’, ‘No Thanks’, and ‘Let Me Think’, Amanda has gained a reputation for herself as a bit of a sass-pot. From calling out shallow personalities on ‘First Impression’, (with lines such as) “I like you better out of site ‘cos you’re a social parasite”, to saying ‘No Thanks’ to time-wasters, Amanda’s not afraid of making a statement. Her third single ‘Let Me Think’, about taking a minute to stop and evaluate how happy you are with a situation, continues to exhibit her playful nature and her ability to create pop bangers. Her final track from the EP, ‘Pick a Card’ rounds off the EP with a slower melody showcasing Amanda’s outstanding vocals, while covering the deeper subject of making choices. First Impression EP is “a very special ride” Amanda says. “I have gotten

The Soft Underground - Earth Girl Helen Brown - Silent Forum

The Soft Underground - Ghosts. Background - NYC-based The Soft Underground may hail from the outskirts of Manhattan, but have been hailed as modern decedents of the touchtone bands from Seattle’s 90’s alternative scene. Formed in 2010 by drummer, Andrew McCarty and guitarist, Charlie Hickey, the band quickly began to write, perform and record original music. Their mode of working involved perfecting their musical beds and then casting the correct guest vocalist for each song, working in the rock genre in a similar way that French electro innovators Air recruit collaborators for their tracks. Guests have included Nick Redmond (Star & Micey), Brannon Barnett (The StoneCoats) and Rick Steff (Lucero, The Afghan Whigs, Hank Williams Jr.) What emerged from these collaborations was unique yet accessible to the mainstream, and their debut album, 2015’s Lost in Translation, garnered positives nods from The Big Takeover, Music Street Journal and Alt Nation. The latter was quick to nail