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GURU - Wy - Kris Kelly - Silent Forum

'Fixation' from GURU is a formidable punk rocker, the vocals are fierce and not to be left behind, the band are equally forceful. We have already featured a couple of gorgeous songs from Wy's forthcoming album and the final teaser 'Swedish Summer' ups our anticipation even more! We are a little late sharing Kris Kelly's music video for 'Birthplace' but this is such a wonderful song, it simply has to be featured. Cardiff (Wales) based Silent Forum's third single 'Safety In Numbers' is imaginative and not easy to categorise, so we will file under creative post punk, indie something. GURU - Fixation. Brighton’s endless production line continues to reinforce their status as one of the UK’s finest indie hotbeds and in punk sensations GURU they’ve certainly found another to add to the growing list. Bursting out of the blocks with their rollicking third instalment Fixation, the rising quartet demonstrate all the makings of a band ready to m