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Malena Smith - Tent Music - The Velveteins - Motihari Brigade

Malena Smith - 18. Released today it's Beehive Candy's absolute pleasure to feature 18 the exceptional new single from St. Louis-based artist Malena Smith.  Malena's music is a coming of age story; her previous/recent single, "Betray Myself," was about realizing some of her habits and coping mechanisms weren't really in her best interest. Her new single, "18," is a look back over the last decade of her life, and asking the question, "If I had the chance, would I relive that decade differently?" We are pressured to figure out what to do with our lives at the age of 18, and often succumb to societal expectations to choose the "safe" options - which we can all likely relate to. The weight of the subject matter is juxtaposed by an airy atmosphere and a pop-funk groove, total ear candy. Malena, a classically-trained singer who came up in the world of jazz, has sung in lounges from St. Louis to Tokyo and shared stages with the likes of

Kinley - Motihari Brigade - Amy Petty - Greg Hoy & The Boys - ØZWALD - Mountain For Clouds

Kinley has shared a lyric video for 'Washington' a melodic and desirable mixture of indie folk and pop. === Motihari Brigade have a brand new album called 'Power From Below' from which we have 'Talking To Crazy' which gives a good feel for the bands revolution rock. === Taken from her brand new album 'The Darkness Of Birds' we have  Amy Petty and 'Sick Of The Radio' where the contemporary pop artist delivers some really fine songs. === Greg Hoy & The Boys have released a music video for 'Green' a vibrant rocker that showcases the San Francisco band very well. === ØZWALD return to Beehive Candy after our first feature just over a month ago, this time we have 'Call off the Doctor' a gently paced, calm and increasingly catchy song. === The first of ten songs on their final album before calling it a day we have 'Water' from Mountain For Clouds and I thinks it's more than fair to say they are leaving on a splendid hi