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Pat Benatar - Portland 1986

This is Pat Benatar recorded live at Portland Coliseum, Portland, Oregon, USA back on March 31st, 1986. There is a pupose for featuring this excellent concert at this time. In June this year (2010) Pat Benatar's memoir, Between a Heart and a Rock Place was released. The book touches on her battles with her record company Chrysalis, and the difficulties her career caused in her personal life. Those nice people at Harper Collins Publishers kindly sent Beehive Candy a review copy, however it arrived a month or so after the books release by which time a reasonable amount of reviews and publicity had already happened, and the impact we were likely to have was probably close to zero. However I do like a good read, and it's been a while since I read a biography or memoir so I decided to enjoy the book. One thing this memoir is most definately not, is a sex and drugs and rock'n'roll epic. Rather it is a book firmly placed in reality and covers many of the outrageous

Pat Benatar - Seattle 1979

Lets start 2010 with some real rock energy from just over thirty years ago courtesy of Pat Benatar . Pat's big break into music had happened a year before this concert when she headlined New York City’s famous Tramps nightclub from March 29th to April 1st, 1978, where her performance impressed representatives from several record companies. She was signed to Chrysalis Records by founder Terry Ellis the following week. "There was a long period of three years, when I spent my time taking demo tapes around and being rejected by one record company after another. Then just two days after the debut concert with the band, we were signed to a record contract..." Recorded in June and July 1979, Pat Benatar debuted the week of August 27th 1979 with the release of 'I Need A Lover' from the album 'In the Heat of the Night'. This concert just over a year later captures Pat Benatar on classic form at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA back on November 22nd,