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La Lusid - D.A. Stern - Post Louis

La Lusid - Empty Bones. Background - La Lusid is back with a new single called "Empty Bones". Warm, melancholic and dynamic, it’s impossible not to get drawn into their dreamy soundscape. With a sound that is reminiscent of what we love most about 60’s and 70’s analogue music, La Lusid presents themselves with high quality songwriting and sublime vocal arrangements. WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . I am afraid we are a bit thin on the ground when it comes to background information regarding La Lusid, the above few words are all we have received and a dig around on their website etc didn't yield much more. Anyhow it's the music that really matters and 'Empty Bones' certainly deserves some attention. An easy going indie song, the vocals come across as personal and are melodic and engaging. The music is delivered to a very high standard, seemingly unassuming and yet you know a considerable amount of  attention has taken place!  ----------------------------------

Saturday Seven: Snowball II - Kelly Lee Owens - D.A. Stern - Tesla Boy - Port Juvee - Laughed the Boy - Vanbot

Snowball II - Anais & Me. Background - Los Angeles’ own chameleonic shoegaze, indie rock, and noise collective Snowball II has announced the release of their third full-length album in the first year since the band’s formation. The album is titled Flashes of Quincy.  ­Just as on the first two Snowball II albums, band leader/producer Jackson Wargo took on nearly all instrumental responsibilities on these recordings; although, the album’s first single offers a very rare and special guest appearance by Kurt Heasley—founder and frontman of influential ‘90s shoegaze band Lilys.  The first single—entitled “CR-VUC”—exemplifies yet another unpredictable stylistic departure from Snowball II’s dreamy and acoustic sophomore release Doughnut Holes—which itself was a drastic generic departure from their feedback drenched shoegaze debut album.  Flashes of Quincy is slated for release mid-February 2017. With this new album, Snowball II has resurrected and revived both the musical spirit and th