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Tourists - Another Sky - Lilikoi - Are We Static - Linda Campbell

Tourists are from Torquay, England and with a new record contract they have shared 'Lego Man' a refined dream pop piece with some shoegaze vibes adding depth. ===Just a month ago we featured  'Fell In Love With The City' by Another Sky they are back with 'All Ends' which is another sophisticated and beautiful track. === Lilikoi are a Psychedelic Dream Pop band from London whose latest release is 'SOS' and it's a dreamy, relaxed and melodic piece. === From Wigan, England we have Are We Static and the first taste of their sophomore LP, 'Accepting The Universe' which is 'The Godfather' a distinct and impressive indie rocker. === We have the full album from Linda Campbell which is entitled 'My Geography' comprising of twelve original songs, it's a feast of fabulous music, the write up below gives an idea of the class and quality you can expect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Caress - Marle Thomson - Thrillhouse - Ani Glass - The Danberrys - Tourists

The Caress have released 'The Grave' today and it's one gorgeous song where a refined shoegaze guitar arrangement backs some beautiful vocals. === Dutch singer-songwriter Marle Thomson shares 'Castles' where the uncluttered musical backdrop is just right for her soulful melodic vocals. === Thrillhouse share their brand new track 'Lesser' which is a crisp rhythmic and catchy alt rocker. === It's an absolute pleasure to be able to share today's album release from Ani Glass entitled Mirores. We featured the title track back in January and everything that song promised has been delivered across this blissfully wonderful collection of music. === Last month we featured 'The Mountain' from The Danberrys and today they have shared the title track 'Shine' from their forthcoming album, which again has some natural rock & modern Americana sensibilities. ===Alt rock band Tourists have released 'Smokescreen' a swirling atmospheric a