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Aweful - Bjørn Tomren - The Warp/The Weft - Sunscreen - Laid Blak

Aweful released 'Me Me Me' a five song E.P earlier this month. A maelstrom of uncompromising rock and roll the trio deliver hook filled rock that mixes garage basics with more sonically imaginative moments and it's a blast. A month after featuring Bjørn Tomren for the first time he returns with 'Bad Science Fiction' the title track from his album due next month. His Americana folk style is slowly paced and a little sombre on this atmospheric and beautiful song. The Warp/The Weft were featured here with 'A Sun Filled Room' at the beginning of June, and they return with the full album (Dead Reckoning) from which that track came. I have to say this is a really good collection of material where the bands progressive folk and psychedelia is notable throughout. If you can, then listen to the whole piece, bands like this deserve to be heard, their imagination and creativity, positively demands it! Sunscreen return for a second time this year with 'Th

Sunscreen - Zoey Jurss - Charcoal Burners - The Prime - Ben Evolent

Sunscreen have just released their new single 'High Over Love'. The bands alt rock style is uncluttered, each instrument has it's space, with the vocals adding further melodic vibes on this pleasing song. With influences such as First Aid Kit and Gillian Welch one things for certain, Zoey Jurss has very good musical taste, and what's more, her latest song 'Love, Love, Love' indicates she is pretty talented in her own right. Charcoal Burners album 'The Best Day You Could Imagine' came out in April, however the New Zealand band have only just hit our radar, and their distinctive and hard to categorise rock is well worthy of a mention and a share. The Prime have recently released their new E.P. 'Eternal Sky' and these accomplished rockers know their stuff, having originally formed in 2010, they got back together last year and the new material is top level natural rock! We are back down under for Ben Evolent and his latest entitled 'S