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Bandicoot - The BluesBones - Leahy - Anthony Steller

Bandicoot - Dark Too Long. Reclaiming for a new generation the poetry of Dylan, the stark beauty and unhinged Rock and Roll of mid-70s John Cale, and Badfinger's melancholic timeless songcraft, this is Bandicoot. Their sound flows like post-industrial blues through Swansea's rain-soaked concrete streets. Bandicoot have earned a ferocious reputation, thanks to their raucous, overflowing live shows that spin euphorically from post-punk and krautrock to glam stomp and art-pop sensuality at the drop of a note. ‘Dark Too Long’ is Bandicoot‘s debut single on Libertino, a song they describe as a “frenzied cry of desperation from the depths of excess and loneliness, influenced by the driving rhythms of NEU! and Can.” "Bandicoot are wired instinctively to the cathartic screams of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, the lustful danger of The Velvet Underground, and CAN's cinematic propulsion. They are the art-house provocateurs of Warhol's Factory brought to life on Swansea

Leahy - Hannah Scott - Tamara Willamson - Kill The Giants - Palberta

Leahy have shared the title track from their new album 'Good Water' and what a superb piece it is with wonderful vocals and harmonies. ==== Our third feature this year for Hannah Scott comes in the form of 'Untangling' where once again her beautifully crafted music and distinctive vocals impress. ==== It's been quite some time since Tamara Willamson last graced our pages and it's a warm welcome back as we feature her new single 'Swim' along with another recent one 'Flashback' both of which confirm she can and still does deliver creative and fabulous music. ==== Kill The Giants have released a poignant video for the title track of their new album 'Three Word Phrase'. This eclectic and genre defying band have produced a gem of an album of which this track is but one dimension. ==== Palberta are getting plenty of attention with the new song and video for 'Before I Got Here' where melody, harmonies and punk sensibilities come togeth